This was a little piece I am working on for a friend of mine.  It will be the background but the creation of this part is always exciting! Hope you enjoy!

Materials Used: Custom 8-inch wood panel (I make these myself)

All Golden Fluid Acrylic
Titanium White –
Iridescent Pearl Fine –
Dioxazine Purple –
Quinacridone Violet –

Pouring Medium:
Flotrol –
GAC 800 –
Alcohol – 91% –

Dispersion Agent:
Cutting Board Oil –

Resin Coating:


Mix your paints in separate cups. The colors are all tints, so they are set at a 1:1 ration with white.

1 part White to 1 part Pearl
1 part purple to 1 part white
1 part violet to 1 part white

Mixing the Fluid Medium

I add about three parts floetrol to 1 part GAC. Make sure to strain the floetrol, so there are no chunks. After the floetrol is strained mix it well then let it sit for about 30 minutes. This will eliminate any bubbles created by the mixing.

Putting it together:
Add your pouring medium to your paint. Keep in mind the floetrol, and gac dries translucent so the colors will look a little dull. This will change as it dries. Once you have the paints mixed, add a few drops of alcohol and mix well.

I mixed these colors in a “dirty cup.” As I added paint, I dropped in 1 drop of oil to help disperse the paints.

Pour it on and let it go. Let the paint dry for a couple of days. Then you can add any coating you like. I added resin as a top coat.

Thanks for watching.