I was asked recently about the way in which I use pouring medium. Apparently, certain pouring mediums are hard to find, out of stock or just plain expensive. After doing a little more research, I came up with a weighted pouring solution that is much less costly and easier to obtain.

Pouring medium itself has some properties that reduce crazing, extend the fluid acrylic and are leveling. Unfortunately, this recipe of pouring medium does none of that, but for those that are cost conscious and want to try out colors without committing their more expensive mediums, this seems to be a pretty good alternative.

Basically, the recipe is medium bodied tube paint, water, 91% alcohol and Elmer’s glue. The measurements are by weight rather than volume, and each is equal. So its a pure 1 to 1 ration on all four ingredients.

So try it out and let me know what you think!