I love to keep things pretty simple, and in this video, I show how to make a painting using only three ingredients and some nice shiny results.

For this type of art, I use a recipe that can be scaled up. I use this method on some larger pieces. Not only because the ingredients are better for a larger size but because the pouring medium is much less expensive.

The recipe for a small 6X6 is as follows:

  • 25ml Floetrol
  • 5 ml fluid acrylic paint
  • 2 ml 91% alcohol.

When scaling the paints I back off on the alcohol if it tends to get a little too runny. This is something you’re going to need to adjust yourself. It is much like the amount of salt you like in your food. Additionally, you will want to add the iridescent pearl after you have mixed the paints. This acts as an additive and is not in the total amounts. The amount is up to you.

The products that I used in this video are listed below: – Also, if you’re using Golden’s fluid acrylic it is always better to buy larger quantities as the smaller sizes are much more expensive.

Hope you give this a try and always have fun first!