In a lot of my posts and videos, I explain how an artist might create pieces with different effects using various types of mediums and recipes for acrylic pouring.  For me, acrylic pouring is just a part of the larger process.  It does not necessarily define my style nor is it the only type of art that I create.  I love the way this technique gives me an unpredictable starting point.   It is in some ways predictably unpredictable.

In the video linked I am creating the foundation of a much more detailed piece.  By no means is this the end of the journey but the first of 8 different parts.  The finished layer took about 48 hours to dry and is now ready for the next phases of work.   The details of how I made this piece are not as important as just enjoying the work.   It is important for me not to get bogged down in the details.  It takes a little life away from the creative process.  The next layers will be much more precise and a whole lot more enjoyable.  When it is completed along with others pieces I am working on they will all be available to view in my gallery.  I hope you enjoy this brief but very meditative first step.