Photo Apr 22, 9 42 46 PM

Teaching my 8 year old to paint using acrylic pouring medium and mixing colors is probably one of the most fun things I do each week.  She just loves to make the magic happen and I love to watch her learn new things.

This week we did a little 8 inch canvas using some metallic paints and jewel tones.  We like the results and decided to spray a little silicone on the painting at the end of the pour.  Cells were created instantly!  However, after the painted dried they were not as interesting as the ones that appeared naturally.  For the painting in the video and seen above we made a list of the materials used in case you wanted to try some of this out.

Shopping List:


  1. For the Paint colors (NOT WHITE) we used the following ratios – 1 Part Paint: 1 Part GAC 800: 1 Part Alcohol
  2. For the White we used about 60cc of Floetrol and 10 drops of White High Flow Acrylic.
  3. The paints were added to the cups and then poured over the canvas.  Some would call it a “dirty pour”
  4. After the paint had settled we then sprayed a very light mist of silicone over the painting allowing the chemical to settle on top and create the cellular reaction.