This weekend Zoe and I have been playing with some new paint.  Last night we made a piece using Color Shift Paints and we rather liked the results.  So today we thought we would share with our YouTube Channel how we did the pour.  The receipe we used was rather simple.

In each cup add the following:

  • 2 Parts Paint
  • 2 Parts GAC 800
  • 1 Part 91% Alcohol.
  • 5 to 10 drops silicone

People have asked why I use alcohol and it is really just preference.  You can use water I just know that the alcohol works for me and I like it.  Additionally the alcohol can help act as a dispersing agent with the silicone. Once these pieces have dried and we have coated them in resin Zoe wants to put them on my Etsy page.  Of course they won’t be $2500 like she asked but they will be for sale.

Below is a list of the products we used with links to where they can be purchased: