Sometimes I get into a little rut and have just to step back and let the universe tell me what it wants me to do. It is always amazing how these creative moments strike. Sometimes they arrive in the middle of the night, and others just happen right before my eyes.

In the future, I hope to research more about creativity specifically how it influences addiction and recovery. I have been on both sides of the effects, and I can say it has almost killed me and saved my life. Recently I read two fascinating books on creativity and the mind. One such book was by Amit Goswami called Quantum Creativity. Dr. Goswami is a pretty interesting guy and has a subtle way of actually explaining quantum physics and the influence it has on creativity. The book was a great read for me and propelled my interest in how the creative mind works. Below I have a link to his book and his website.

The second book I read was by one of my favorite authors Dr. David Gelertner, a mastermind in the world of multiprocessing, artificial intelligence and creative thinking. Dr. Gelertner wrote The Tides of Mind which is a beautiful voyage through the levels of consciousness. This book has heavily influenced my Dreamers series of abstract paintings. Overall the book covers the spectrum of the mind from extreme consciousness to deep sleep. Knowing where ideas come from and its parallels to Dr. Goswami make these two books a must read back to back.

Creative block can be a real nightmare. These two books have helped me cope and be more patient with myself when the time arrives just to sit back and watch. Additionally, I have been told by other great artists that sometimes you need just to let go and put paint on something. This advice has always been helpful and recently I experienced the effects in a simple set of pieces I created. I called these painting tiny abstracts. I wasn’t trying to force anything to happen, and I didn’t think of much when I was painting. The end results were these small 4X6 acrylic paintings that spoke to me. What they told me was just to relax, pause, and the universe will show me what it wants me to create.

You can learn more about Dr. Amit Goswami and is website

The two books mentioned can be found here at Amazon:

The Tides of Mind  by Dr. David Gelertner

Quantum Creativity by Dr. Amit Goswami –