Yesterday I was working on a piece that used quite a few colors in the pour.  Seven colors in fact!  The colors were an inspiration from colors used by another YouTube artist, Annmarie Ridderhof.  She uses a lot of earthy colors and they always tend to turn out very nice.  The difference is that she is not using resin.  I wanted to see what those colors looked like with resin so I did my own little test.


The piece was done as a “dirty pour”  and while the results were nice there were quite a few little bubbles in the finished product.  I find this to be the case with most resin dirty pours (for me).  Its not that big of a deal since all you really need to do is lightly sand the top and then add another coat of resin.  Most pieces I do include a second coat of resin or a finished coat.

In the video bellow I show the finished product and a time laps of the piece being created.  If you get a chance go out and see what Annmarie is doing and hopefully with all these demos you will get inspired to do this yourself! As always, there is also a list of all the products used in the video with links where to buy.

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