High Flow Acrylic – Danny Clark

With my continued acrylic play I have discovered that pouring medium is just an absolute mess.  I have seen some people demonstrate the process.  While I am not one to hold back on making a mess, I do find there is a tremendous waste.  I still do enjoy playing with the process, but my color pallet has not dialed in just yet.

Yesterday I made this little 5X5 pour with a couple of different inspirations.  One inspiration from the process of Ebru Art.


Ebru Art done with heavy water and acrylic or inks.

Ebru art is a fabulous painting process and creates beautiful patterns that remind me of afghan blankets.  When I was a kid, my grandmother would crochet afghan blankets.  I remember having one most of my childhood.  These were super comforting, but when it was cold, your toes would stick through the yarn, so it wasn’t the best thermal application.


Afghan Blanket from a non-smoking estate.


I tried to capture most of the process in a video on my YouTube Channel.  It was fun but I have a little more work before I commit any larger piece to the process.  If you have any hints or tips please feel free to let me know.  I am always open to new ideas.