One of my biggest problems with art is that I seem to delve into the technical side of the medium until I am exhausted. I do this with photography, music, painting and even cooking. It seems like no matter what I get my hands on; I need to know all the details.

So when I started playing with fluid acrylic mediums, I found that trial and error was a waste of time if I didn’t at least understand why the paint reacts some ways and not others. I watched countless videos of people explaining how they mix their paint and how they get cells in their pours. No matter what I watched there always seemed to be some part of the process missing. Either the person explaining the process didn’t know how things worked just wasn’t planning on telling everyone.

So after more trial and error, I started looking into how the paints worked and what the paint masters knew. I primarily use Golden Paints. I know they are more expensive and for testing a process it can get costly, but nobody said I had to test things out on a 30X30 panel. I do most of my testing on small 5X5 panels I get from Hobby Lobby.

First I found on Goldens blog Just Paint some great information about Techniques for Fluid Pouring. This article was the top of the rabbit hole. I read through everything and found that most of the information was super helpful. However, I still needed more data for my study.
One part of the article mentions that White paint has the highest density so applying it lasts helps create cells. Knowing only white was the densest wasn’t enough! I needed to know what the density was for ALL the colors. SO I called Golden to see what I could find. The best thing was that they acted like they were expecting my call! Mr. Townsend from Golden sent me the information I was looking for immediately. They sent me a list of all the pigments and their specific gravity. It was like a cell making holy grail!

So I started playing with the recipe more and finally feel like I have this all figured out. Of course, there are still many surprises, but understanding how it all works is what makes this process fun! I created a video on my YouTube Channel that explains the recipe for the above painting. It is straight forward, so I hope it helps!


Per requested, here is the link to the Golden Paint Density List.