Repeatedly I have been asked about adding glitter to a resin painting.  I don’t normally use glitter in my pieces, but I wanted to try it out.  Recently I have been playing with Folk Art Paints, and I purchased some of their metallic paints along with a glitter paint.  My intention was to use these colors in resin to see how they mixed and moved within the medium.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  I am not sure I would use these paints in a large piece, but it looks good so far.

Below I have a list of the products I used and some info on how I achieved the results.

Resin is a unique medium in that there are a ton of factors that influence the behavior.  Temperature, humidity, types of paints, types of resin, etc. In most cases, the results are specific to you as well as how you mix the resin.

When I mix up my resin, I do so in one large batch and then transfer to the selection of colors.  When I add the color, I only add in small amounts until I get the depth I like.  Mixing the paint is similar to seasoning soup, it is really up to the cook’s preference.

After I have all my colors figured out, I add denatured alcohol to thin out the resin.  You can add a little or a lot, but it may affect the way the piece dries and levels if the paint is too thin.  Lastly, I will add a little treadmill silicone to the color that I want some lacing.  Not all colors will work, and gravity does make a difference.  If I am trying to achieve that cloud lace look, I will let the base layers sit a little bit before I add the final white color.  This will keep the colors from mixing too much and allows the layer to have more depth.  You can also do this as a separate layer using clear resin and white.  Layering resin colors are beautiful and give a piece much more depth.

That is pretty much all I do.  I hope this information is helpful and you get to create some art!

The products I used in this video are listed here.

  • Folk Art Royal Purple Glitter Acrylic –

  • Folk Art Sapphire Metallic Acrylic –

  • Folk Art Metallic Silver Acrylic –

  • Golden Titanium White Fluid Acrylic –

  • Clear Epoxy Resin –

  • Treadmill Lubricant –

  • Denatured Alcohol –

  • Torch for releasing bubbles.-

  • If you don’t want to use a torch you can use a heat gun.  –

  • 10 Inch Round Panel – I make these custom.  If the product is sold out I will replenish as soon as they are available.