Hello all,

First let me say that my family is safe, dry and comfortable in a hotel in Houston.  We have flooded before, and I want nothing  Unfortunately our home did flood, but we were able to get all the super important stuff to storage long before the storm arrived.

For the rest of Houston and our friends, there is going to be a lot of help needed.  If you have never been through a flood, just imagine your entire house filled with the contents of a port-o-potty.  That is pretty much how it looks and smells.  Locally we are physically hands on, but there are ways in which you can help.  Below is a link to an article with all the different organizations that are working on the recovery.


This storm takes a giant tole on a lot of peoples physical health as well as mental health.  We will not just be rebuilding homes we will be rebuilding lives.

Please keep everyone in your prayers!