This Sunday afternoon my youngest and I made a little artwork. She has been begging for me to make a YouTube video on my channel of her and I making art. So this afternoon we decided on a piece and started filming away.

The best part of working with my youngest is that she is open to trying new things. She also never holds back from telling me what she thinks. In this video, I was teaching her how to make a resin art piece and using a straw to manipulate the materials. Watching her try to blow through a straw on the resin was more than funny.

In the end, we had a blast, made some great art, and spent some quality time together. She is a pretty cool kid, and I think her art is top of the line!


I have also been asked by some to include a list of materials used in the video. So below is a list of links to where you can purchase each item we used.

  1. Golden Fluid Acrylic Hansa Yellow Light
  2. Golden Fluid Acrylic Ultramarine Violet
  3. Golden Fluid Acrylic Teal
  4. Golden High Flow Acrylic Titanium White
  5. Golden High Flow Acrylic Pink
  6. Pro Marine Supply Epoxy Resin
  7. Fredrix 8″ Round Cut Canvas

Art Resin is another great resin to be used on paintings.