Tonight my son James and I hung out and worked on his letter J.  The kids are all really excited about hanging their own artwork on their walls and I am thrilled I get to do it with them.   Just like the last two pours, we did a three cup pour for the letter J.  The difference with this pour was that we used all primary colors to get a ton of mixed colors.  The best part was changing up how much was in each cup to get more purples or oranges or greens.  James had a great time and the piece is going to look great when it dries.

For the recipe we did the following in each cup:

2 ounces Flood Floetrol
10 mls of alcohol
20 mls of paint

The paints were added to three separate cups and then poured over the canvas.  Very little was done to manipulate the panel.  Below is a list of the ingredients we used: