Most of the pieces I do with acrylic pouring mediums I also coat in resin. Personally, I think it looks better for the work and adds a level of quality that you don’t get with varnish. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for varnish and resin is no cheap venture, but if you can get your hands on some, I recommend trying coating a colorful abstract piece. It makes a big difference.

For this “episode” I created two videos. The first video is an explanation of me making the art. The second and much longer video is a detailed description of how I coat a piece in resin. The recipe for the piece was not exact, but in estimation, I did the following:

2 parts Floetrol / 1 Part Medium Body Paint / 1 Part 91% Alcohol / about 5 drops Silicone.

Below is a link to both videos and a list of links to all the materials in the event you are shopping for something. Also, I have included a few other links with the cups I use to measure as well as the scale I use when I create a recipe by weight.

Shopping List:

  1. Flood Floetrol
  2. Red Acrylic Paint
  3. Yellow Acrylic Paint
  4. Blue Acrylic Paint
  5. White Acrylic Paint
  6. Silicone
  7. Measuring Cups
  8. Art Resin
  9. Scale
  10. Torch