Photo Mar 08, 9 28 16 PM

Practice Pour by Zoe.


I love being a dad. My kids are my greatest accomplishment. With that said, I have a responsibility to teach them as much as possible. Last week my youngest Zoe and I were painting, and she asked if I would show her how to make a “messy, drippy” painting.

So we decided on some colors and went to work. I think the best part of watching her do the fluid acrylic pour was when she came to that point of “too much.” Its that wonderfully mind bending point when your not sure if it is just the way you want the painting to look, or if it will completely fall apart when you change one more thing.

I created a video of the process. It is interesting watching it with just our hands. There are points that I regrettably take over. In my efforts to show her how the process worked she became very frustrated with me. I guess in the end I learned as much about myself as she did with the process.