Over the weekend my lovely wife gave me three sets of Pebeo paints to play with.  There were three kits, each with their own specific purpose.   The tree kits are listed below with links.  For more information about Pebeo and what they have to offer go check out  They have a ton of different types of paints and I can’t wait to try them all!

The first kit I played with was the Vitrial set.  The colors included were Crimson, Lemon, Orange, Chartreuse, Sky Blue and Gold.  All the paints are mixable so you can make your own custom color.  I need to get some thinner but the look you get is of a stained glass.    They were really easy to play with and I had no problem getting them mixed.

The second set I used was the Fantasy Prism.  There were 12 different colors in this kit.  My favorite was Eggshell White.  The paints create a honeycomb effect.  I think they are intended to be used alongside the Moon Fantasy but can be used alone too.

The third set I used was the Fantasy Moon.  This set also came with 6 colors and they were sort of a two toned paint.  I liked the way they went down on the panel but they were really tough to get mixed appropriately.  They give a hammered metal look that is quite nice.

In the following video I put together a quick little abstract piece using each of the paints and finished off with a gentle spatula swipe.  I really liked the look of the paints and how they reacted.  After about 3 days it dried to a beautiful glossy look that is much like a resin piece.

Photo Apr 26, 12 32 43 PM


Here is a list of the items I used:

Pebeo Vitrail Discovery Set  —
Pebeo Fanstasy Moon Set –
Pebeo Fantasy Prism Set –