This weekend I tried something a little different with my test canvases. I did a dirty pour with three flip cups, and I think it turned out OK. Below is a video from my YouTube channel with all the details. Additionally, I coated the piece in Art Resin.


Eventually, the piece will be available on my Etsy Page that I was finally able to setup. I am busy with so much other that stuff it seems like I am moving in slow motion. The Etsy shop is pretty much where these little test pieces reside. Otherwise, they collect dust in my house. So check it out and buy something will ya!

As always here is a list of the ingredients I used to create this piece. I hope this inspires you to try it out. It’s not hard just sometimes messy!

Floetrol —
Silicone —
91% Alcohol –
Golden Hansa Yellow Medium –
Golden Titan Buff –
Golden Raw Umber –
Golden Quinacridone Magenta –
Golden Cerulean Blue –
Art Resin –