Recently my girls came home from a road trip shopping spree, and they surprised me with a few goodies from the art store.  We were going on a road trip, and they know I like to draw or paint while I travel.  I got this cool little Jane Davenport watercolor set and some water pens from Molotow.  The pens are intended to be used with their inks, but they also work great with just water.  In the video, I am playing with this slick little Molotow Fluid Masking Pen and a stencil from Americana.  The paper I am using is not expensive and I have been scolded by other artist for using the cheaper paper, but I just like to play with the Fluid Water Color Paper.  The one in the video is a block which is nice in most cases.  Since I was using the stencil, I wanted a larger flat surface, so I separated a layer to work with.

Watercolor is probably my favorite medium, and I am always trying to get better.  It is chalk full of technical details and can produce either super abstract or super precise paintings.  I especially love the combination of ink and watercolor.  The video is an example of simple color play.  I like to see and practice mixing wet on wet colors as well as playing with some blending.  It is just for fun and great practice.  I hope you give it a try.  The tools are important but never as important as just having fun!

Here are the products used in the video.

Jane Davenport Mixed Media Petite Palette Brights Watercolor

MOLOTOW Grafx Masking Fluid 2mm Fine Tip 

Molotow Premium Aqua Squeeze Pen Basic Set of 3 

6×12 Fluid Water Color Paper –

Americana Split Angles Stencil –