So recently I have been playing with my Molotow Grafix Masking Fluid and started using it with a calligraphy pen.  It was straight forward, but like most situations, I don’t particularly like wasting expensive art supplies.  I like to make small little watercolor paintings with designs, and this technique was pretty cool.  The only problem was that after I had finished, I would have a puddle of masking fluid I just had to throw away.

Over Christmas, I received a set of KOH-I-NOOR Rapidograph pens.  I love these pens except for the largest size of 1.2mm  When I use this pen the ink just runs out all over the place and is a huge mess.  Of course, I am probably using it wrong, but I am not too worried about it.  SO I took the largest of the pens and instead of ink I used the masking fluid.  TO my surprise it worked great, and so I set off into the sunset to make wonderful watercolor paintings!

In the video, I show what I did and have a timelapse video of the process.  FO the items I used or discussed I have links below.  I am sure some pens can be used so if you love the process than having fun and make some art!

Items used in the video: