Both my younger kids James and Zoe love to make videos and love to watch YouTube.  After much deliberation we decided to go ahead and create a channel dedicate to kids making stuff and having fun teaching.  The above linked video is from their channel and I hope you will subscribe and give them a little love.  They are super excited!

My youngest Zoe has been wanting to try making a fluid acrylic pour using a funnel.  I have not ever done this so I told her it would be a great technique for her to learn.  Over the next series of videos, Zoe will be perfecting, testing and sharing what she learns.

Having an opportunity to set Zoe free and let her learn a technique based on her own experience is a gift.  I encourage everyone to be brave and try new things.  It is helpful to understand the basics, but there is a point where learning for yourself is more important.  It not only builds confidence, but it also builds tolerance and empathy for other.

In the video, I mixed all the paints for Zoe beforehand.  Each color uses a simple recipe that I have used many times before.  Below is a link to the ingredients and the recipe for each color:


  • Golden Fluid Acrylic – Teal
  • Golden Fluid Acrylic – Ultramarine Violet
  • Golden Fluid Acrylic – Phthalo Blue
  • Jacquard Lumiere – 555 Halo Pink Gold
  • 91% Rubbing Alcohol
  • Flood Floetrol
  • B’Laster Silicone Spray
  • Small 2 ounce funnel
  1. Mix carefully 1 part paint to 2 parts floetrol.  This needs to be well incorporated before adding any alcohol.
  2. Add 91% alcohol to the mix to thin the paint further.  This is a personal preference and is solely based on how YOU want the paint consistency.  You can substitute the alcohol for distilled water.  We use alcohol because it dries faster and reduces cracks.
  3. Just before the paint is used spray one shot of silicone in your paint mix and gently stir.

You can follow the video on how Zoe setup and poured in the funnel.